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Theresa Swalwell’s life was all about love – love for her God, family and friends. She also had a passion for introducing music to young people.

Theresa turned this passion into a successful business, opening a piano studio in her West Des Moines home. For more than 20 years, hundreds of students enjoyed studying piano and music theory at the Swalwell Studio.

Theresa touched the hearts and minds of all her students and their families with her kindness, patience, and her gentle prodding to “practice, practice, practice.” Taking piano lessons was not drudgery at Swalwell Studio, it was fun. Students learned more than how to play notes for a song or two; they experienced an immersion in music appreciation and theory that planted seeds for a life-long love of music.

Theresa’s boundless energy and her zest for life always lifted the spirits of those around her. This was especially true for her treasured piano students. Theresa had a special knack for making her piano students feel comfortable, and she made learning about music a positive experience. Her sense of humor, infectious laugh, and spirit of adventure were a delight to all.

That spirit only grew in strength when Theresa learned in October of 2002 that she had ovarian cancer. Just weeks after surgery, and in the midst of chemotherapy, Theresa demonstrated tremendous commitment to her students by continuing to teach. In the second year of her illness, Theresa made the difficult decision to say goodbye to her beloved students and close the piano studio. While her students and their families were saddened, they rallied to support the Swalwell family. Theresa focused her time and energy on her health and spiritual well being. In the process, she took many people on a remarkable faith journey. She truly was an inspiration to everyone who knew or met her.

In August of 2004, Theresa received her eternal healing. Cancer eventually took her body, but it never touched her soul. In the midst of dealing with cancer, Theresa gave totally of herself in the form of unconditional love, true friendship, and spirituality. This was her ultimate gift to her friends, family and her “extended family” of piano students and their parents.

To honor the memory of Theresa Swalwell, her family has established the Miracle of Music (M.O.M.) Fund to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations involved in providing music appreciation and instruction to young people in need.